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When you get down to it, the real goal of each bet you place is to simply beat the bookies. It sounds easy enough but few things are more difficult. Why is it so hard to “beat the bookies”?

There are actually a couple of reasons – and we are going to look at them as well as tell you how to start beating the bookies in this article. So let’s get to it!

First, to understand the situation better we need take a closer look at what exactly a bookie does.

Bookies have been around for hundreds upon hundreds of years. They basically act like stockbrokers, taking money from a variety of people betting on a variety of outcomes and then paying out to the winners. In return for this service, bookies take a fee known as the “overround.”

The bookie’s main goal, of course, is to make money. They do this by setting odds that ensure there is sufficient action on both sides of a bet.

This is important to keep in mind because if you have ever calculated odds you have probably realized that the odds set by the bookie don’t represent the actual real picture. That is to say, the odds don’t represent what should be the true mathematically calculated values.

The reason for this is because the bookie is not trying to predict a correct outcome with their odds. They are setting their odds, as we said above, to ensure they make a profit. In order to do that they need to ensure there is sufficient action on both sides of a bet.

If the odds of a match are not aligned with public opinion then more bets will be placed on one outcome, which could spell financial disaster for the bookie.

It might help to start looking at bookies, or bookmakers, as accountants who are seeking to balance their books (with a profit for themselves, of course).

First, to understand the situation better we need take a closer look at what exactly a bookie does.

Start looking at bookies and their odds in this light and the odds they set will start to make a lot more sense. Study odds enough and you may even be able to begin to spot when bookies set “Betting Traps” to take advantage of odds and unknowing bettors.

Unfortunately, in addition to setting the odds, bookies have another advantage over bettors – they have access to much better, much more detailed match information and analysis.

Most bettors simply don’t have the time or resources to properly analyze soccer matches. The bookies know this and take full advantage of this fact.

So what can you do to beat the bookies at their own game? How can you start winning more bets?

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